ZPD and Transformative Pedagogy

Professor Alain Senteni, Director of the Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies (VCILT) and the Chairman of the Lifelong Learning Cluster (LLC) at the University of Mauritius drew on ideas from two of my early academic papers to develop the thrust of his “transformative pedagogy” argument. As Professor Senteni (2009) notes:

By questioning the activity that takes place in the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) in terms of strategic encounter with the Other through which the Self is transformed, Parkes’ definition of the pedagogical relationship allows us to re-state the pedagogical role and implication of developing countries knowledge communities, such as VCILT’s, in the global context of large scale technology-enhanced educational projects. As suggested by Parkes, the definition of Other and Self can be broaden from individuals to conceptual entities, such as communities, educational institutions or educational structures, so that one can extrapolate the strategic relationship to societal issues. In this regard, the ZPD provides emerging countries pedagogues with a powerful tool to master educational transformations in their countries, in fair strategic interaction with more capable developed countries.

The full discussion with reference to my work can be read by clicking here.

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