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Doctoral Dissertation Reviews

Parkes, R. J. (2006). Interrupting history: A critical-reconceoptualisation of history curriculum after ‘the end of history’. Doctoral dissertation presented in fulfilment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Newcastle.

Professor Peter Seixas, University of British Columbia, Canada, described my doctoral dissertation as “thorough, clearly written… based on a close reading of a wide-ranging body of literature in . . . theory of history, postmodernism (and its variants), and curriculum theory . . . that makes a genuine contribution to thinking in the field of history curriculum.”

Professor William Reynolds, Georgia Southern University, USA, endorsed my doctoral work as “very original… and a major contribution to the curriculum field.”

While, Professor Noel Gough, LaTrobe University (at the time located at the University of Canberra), described my doctoral dissertation as “thought-provoking”, an “artfully structured thesis [that] represents rigorous and creative scholarship in conception, design and execution . . . and makes responsible (ie. locatable and thus able to be called into account) knowledge claims from clearly articulated and substantiated positions and standpoints on history, historiography, language and power.”

Professor Bill Green, Charles Sturt University, located my doctoral work “in the top echelon of all the dissertations I’ve supervised, examined and read.”

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